For Slumlords

We appreciate your concern about being registered on the United States Slumlord Registry.  We are also concerned for you.  Below are the series of steps you can take to get off the registry:

Immediately cease being a burden on the working class and your hard working tenants. Give your properties to your tenants for free, dissolve your LLC/administrative organization, and donate stolen surplus rent money back to respective tenants.

A job is what most people have.  A job is a labor role that provides a necessary function for our society. Here are some examples of jobs you could get: 

  • Artist/Creator
  • Chef/Cook/Food Service
  • Sanitation/Cleaning
  • Scientist
  • Farmer/Agriculture
  • Medical Professional
  • Technology Professional
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation

Here are some examples of things that are not jobs (try to avoid these): 

  • Slumlord
  • C-Suite Executive
  • Capitalist Economist
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Entrepreneur
  • Almost Anything Involving Stocks/Securities

Instead of taking from your community, you can now give back to your community.  Form meaningful connections, help the vulnerable, and provide support for those around you.

If you do not want to take the 3 easy steps above and still insist on contacting us, please use this form. 


If you are on this list (with the exception of some members of the Hall of Fame), you are operating in the United States.  Please familiarize yourself with this document.

Keep in mind, someone (most likely one of your tenants) took the time to physically add you to this registry.  If you own property and charge people to live on it, you are eligible to be added to this list.