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Madison is Ho-Chunk land.

Madison, WI has the distinct honor of being the very first city that Slumlords tracked.  Originally, it quickly became clear that there was a need for a website that mapped out slumlords all across the United States, not just in Madison.  For this reason, Madison, WI, can be considered the original Slumlords City. now redirects to this web page.

Madison is the capital city of Wisconsin and has the highest cost of renting in the entire state.  Downtown Madison is almost entirely dominated by expensive apartments and dormitories for UW college students.  Madison is also the main major economic hub in the state, so competition for affordable housing is intense.  Large companies, especially Epic, have driven the cost of living through the roof due to the high demand for housing in and around Madison.  Wisconsin itself has little to no protections for renters, mostly due to a state legislature made up of slumlords and slumlord sympathizers.


A collection of moments, quotes, and other “lowlights” brought to you by your local slumlords.

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Madison Tenant Power (MTP)

Madison Tenant Power is a union of tenants working together to organize and fight back against Madison slumlords. Meetings are hosted on Zoom every other week at 7 pm by Madison DSA. Click here to get the latest information and join the next upcoming meeting. Madison Tenants, let’s build power together.

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Madison Tenant Power’s Find My Landlord Tool is now live!  Use this tool to find out who owns your building and how many buildings your landlord owns.

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